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Kaleigh Clark

Kaleigh Clark has dreamed of seeing her name on the front of a published romance novel since she was a little girl scribbling loves stories in notebooks instead of doing her homework. In 2014, she made half of her dream come true—she published her first book under a pseudonym. Over the next seven years, Kaleigh had become a bestselling author of over twenty novels.


Even though Kaleigh had achieved amazing success, she still dreamed of seeing her name on the front of the books she wrote. 


After going through a rough period in her personal life, Kaleigh had found the kind of love she’d spent years writing about. So in late 2021, she made the decision to start over and publish romance novels written about the love she has instead of the kind of relationship she only dreamed about. But this time…she’d do so under her name, Kaleigh Clark.

She also wants everyone to know that she is on cloud nine, absolutely head-over-heels in love with her husband, Kev. She loves him so much she moved to England to be with him.  xoxo

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